A Tale Of Two Stars

Lying on a purple bedsheet and a half filled pillow,I look at the most brightest star in the sky. And I wonder, what would the star think of me , lying on this bedsheet, looking towards me in the sky, if we were to exchange places. Will she be able to spot the mark on my forehead i got in an accident when I was 9. Perhaps not, because it is well hidden under my long rough hair or maybe because I shall be too far away for my scars to get noticed. does she have secrets? If yes, will she share them to me, because I did, all of them. It’s really funny to think she might have thought of me as a crazy person blabbering all night looking at her. It would be really awkward if she starts talking to me about things I have shared to her in all those nights. Or perhaps, it won’t be that awkward because I won’t have to reply to her because she never did. While I am weaving all these thoughts into pictures, I realise, most probably, she would never notice me because unlike her, I would be the least brightest star in the sky.


It is a kind of tribute from my side to Bob Dylan for his song “The Times They Are A-changin’ ”

In deep down alleys
They are crawling with empty bellies.
And still, walking down the street
You don’t feel them under your feet.

You spit
They say, it rained.
You cheat
They say , they gained.

They are hungry
Not fools.
They lie
But they know the truth.

But the day must come
And soon, it will.
When no longer there shall be
Two worlds in the same world.

Smell the winds, they’re changing
Hush and hear the folks singing
The songs that will change it all
Climb your forts and see it fall.

Watch as they come
All as ‘one’
Chanting in unison
Revolution! Revolution! Revolution!


These are strange times. And scary. The world is changing and so are its rules. Now, the pack dies and the lone wolf survives.

We all are afraid of losing our loved ones. But, the stakes are much higher for some people, the ones who never actually had any stake in anything. While the high lords play the games of nostalgia sitting on their comfy couches in their gated apartments, many after walking hundreds of kilometers on their way to their villages,are just wishing to see their loved ones before the blisters beneath their feets start exploding the puss of their fate. A fate, they had no part in. The fate, that was decided the day they were born in a lower caste.

While the virus and blisters compete, they fear, most likely, it will be the hunger that will put them to rest, before any of the above mentioned competitors succeed in claiming their lives.

As the gloom looms over us, some of us are using the lockdown as an opportunity to strengthen our bonds and discover our interests and hobbies. But, sadly, many don’t have this privilege. They of course fear death. But what they fear more is the aftermath if they survive.

It breaks my heart, and I dare say, almost literally because I feel something crumbling slowly deep down here, under my chest, whenever I think of them, which is almost everytime I breathe.


So, recently I finished watching the last season of  game of thrones. And this is the side effect 🙂


The day shall come
When I will rise
Like phoenix and dragons
From ashes and fire

And I will roar
In broad daylight
And long live my enemies
To witness that sight

The light of my aura
Will blind them all
Thrones shall be burnt
And the castles will fall

I will burn them alive
Who killed you my love
And we will dance on the dead
Till the moon shines bright.

  •                                                  -raj

My first poem…

I am a boy who is very protective and emotionally attached to my mother (most of us are!).when I was in class 7th,I wrote my first poem…..and I am delighted to share it with you!  

  1.      आज भी याद है वह काली रात,
  2.       उस रात की वह अनहोनी बात
  3.       मैं और मां अकेले उस सङक पर
  4.      चिल्ला रहे थे कोइ तो मदद कर.
  5.       पर कोई न आया,
  6.       जब डर का बादल था छाया
  7.      धीरे-धीरे अंधेरा छा रहा था
  8.      वह मनहूस पल करीब आ रहा था
  9.      तभी अचानक मां चिल्ला पङी
  10.      किंकर्तव्यविमूढ़ता हावी थी,मुझ पर उस        घङी
  11.     किसी अमीरजा़दे की गाङी थी
  12.     जिसने मेरी मां को ठोकर मारी थी
  13.     मां बेसूध होकर गिर पङी
  14.     पर हे प्रभू,अगर मेरी भक्ति सच्ची है
  15.     तो उसका यही सिला देना,
  16.     अगले जनम में ही,पर मुझे
  17.     मेरी मां से मिला देना